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Smbols - Dreamsill

by Good Glass Records

Dreamsill 02:27
Phthalo Blue 03:50
Lacewings 01:36
High Tide 02:10
Weird Circle 03:39
The Glow 01:22
Cast in Wax 02:50
Crepescule 01:41
Way Water 02:23


Following a string of self-released recordings, Smbols Dreamsill is a late-summer reverie of wistful melody, pensive beatwork, and immersive texture. Based in the industrial riverside town of Portsmouth, Virginia, Sam Hodson’s mind is never far from the water - his synthesizer melodies warble and plink aquatically, while his beats often reverberate with diffuse, dubby echoes from fathoms below. Even his titles - “way water,” “high tide” - often evoke the never ending rhythmic lull of the waves. But throughout this collection of sighing, undulating, tidal compositions is a pensive sense of deep contemplation, clockwork thoughts reflected in choppy, intricate beat sequences. “Shapes Appear” starts like a transmission from an 8mm Jacques Cousteau seascape only to transform into Neptune’s Footwork with frenetic hi-hats and distant depth charge kicks and snares. “Phthalo Blue,” a standout track from Good Glass Records’ Universal Library compilation, bumps like Dilla with a drunken cut-up beat and Les Baxter jungle cruise synthesized exotica. As the album progresses through this lucid dream, the listener arrives at the warm, crackling modular synthesizer bonfire of “Crepescule,” complete with distant crickets and a drifting sine wave flute before “Way Water” difts over the sand dunes from a distant boombox, inviting us over to the final beach bonfire of the summer, glowing and entrancing as pupils dilate in the darkness. Dreamsill is enrobed in the textures of old radio shows, 8mm childhood, vinyl crackle, and optical soundtracks on syndicated television from a 1986 couch, eternal.


released October 2, 2019

Buying digital only? Grab it directly from the artist here - smbols.bandcamp.com


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Good Glass Records Virginia Beach, Virginia

Specializing in handmade American synthesizer music for deep listening.

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